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At JET Growth we deal with entrepreneurship with passion. If you're a startup, spin-off or corporate venture, we help you grow. If you run an incubator, accelerator or corporate startup program, we help you attract, select and support your teams. And if you invest in great ideas, we help you search for them, and support their growth. Want to know more? Klick here! Want to see some references? Klick here!

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 Live Meetup: Simon Sinek & Richard Branson

Richard Branson & Simon Sinek Live Meetup

How entrepreneurs should deal with crisis 

Recently, Jasper had the pleasure to join in a live meetup with entrepreneur role model Richard Branson and TED Speaker Simon Sinek.

Key take away: "Crisis is the great Revealer"
Simon Sinek stated that entrepreneurs should identify opportunities to solve other people's problems in times of crisis. This is where the real entrepreneur accelerates. So all entrepreneurs: engage with the people around you, understand their problems, and solve them. Your business will evolve around this.

Thanks to Richard Branson, Holly Branson, Andy Fishburn and the team at Virgin StartUp for enabling the inspiring occasion!

Accelerator Workshop Release: Pitch Professionally!

Accelerator Workshop Startup Pitch

Boost the quality of your startup's demo day pitches!

At demo day the quality of startup pitches reflects immediately on the accelerators and event organizers. Unfortunately, many startups still perform poorly on stage. Why? And how? And most of all, how can their performance be improved?

At JET Growth we designed a methodology around the topic of pitching to allow startups to design, test and improve their performance. We were able to test it with many startups already and some of these used this framework to develop award winning performances on stages across the world. Among them are broad casted shows like #2M2M, #höhlederlöwen, or #xcite and events like #websummit, #tnw, #LondonTechWeek. Additionally, startups using the framework where picked by well know accelerators like #500startups, #ycombinator and #plugnplay.

The good news: anyone can access the methodology through our workshops!

Read more about this topic on our LinkedIn page.

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