Pitch Development & Coaching

Pitching has little to do with the fancy startup events you might have been to, or the entertaining shows you see on television. To me, pitching is defined by the ability to explain anyone how they can benefit from what you're doing in the least amount of time. This is independent from the occasion you use to pitch. It might be one of these events, since some of them offer great opportunities. However it might also be just a coincidental meetup in a bar, or the famous elevator setup, or in front of the management of a potential corporate partner.   

Additionally, pitch design should not be mistaken with pitch coaching. I don't tell you where to tweak your text so it fits into 3 minutes. And I don't argue about the color design of your slides. I teach you how to design your best pitch and how to continuously improve this pitch including your performance. For this purpose I have designed my own proprietary pitch development methodology.

Oh... and just to get this right: we do love the big stages. Many of the startups using our methodology where featured in broadcasted shows and on the largest stages in Europe with great success.

Strategy & Focus

Founders of startups are great in making decisions fast. As their venture grows, decision making tends to get much harder. The amount, diversity and impact of decisive topics seems to grow exponentially. The best way to deal with a huge amount of ground breaking topics is through developing a strategic focus, designing a set of measures, and implementing those measures with great discipline. This will provide guidance to your decision making process, make it planable, controllable and accountable. With establishing a strategic focus you should also plan it's continuous improvements. Using your planing and strategic controlling will tell you exactly when your strategy is working, or not. Together we will figure out why things work, or why not, and adapt accordingly. But most of all, I will show you how to implement using a strategic focus and all that comes with it. 

Business Planing

Your strategy consists of all the steps you take to get from where you are to where you want to be. Each step comprises measures to achieve your vision. Defining these measures in a business plan takes a lot of effort. However the sense is not in the plan itself, it's in the process of planing. The process of business planing makes you reflect on your status quo and the road ahead continuously. I help you to setup your planing processes so continuous business planing gets easy & takes less effort. Am I good at this? You bet! The results from my planing processes have been awarded in several business plan competitions and I teach this subject at universities.

Fundraising & Venture Capital

Fundraising is a disappointing process most of the times. Investors tend to put you on hold before they just give you a clear "no" so you can move on. Additionally, you're addressed by dozens of advisors calling them selves investors, pretending to know someone with money. This fills your pipeline and makes the majority of your efforts result in nothing.

However fundraising does not have to be this way. Although I do have several investors in our network, I don't mediate. Rather more we setup your fundraising strategy together, based on your need for cash in your business plan. Since equity investments are only one of many sources of cash, we setup a mixture of fundraising measures to get you to the funds you need. Especially government grants are helpful in some cases, and I have had many great experiences with regional, national and European grants in the past.

Marketing Strategy & Campaigning

Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you they prefer any cash from turnover over grants and investments. This means efforts in sales and marketing should be preferred above fundraising for any startup ready to market. Especially with digital products performance marketing and growth hacking have great possibilities. Since these disciplines are fairly new, their are hardly any established institutions offering education on the topic. Most successful digital marketing experts have put in the effort and learned themselves through trial and error. Fortunately, I can teach you the basics and I have some great experts on this topic in my network to help you in operations. So let us help you to do the trial with less of the error.

These topics are available in workshops as well. For more info, just have a look here.