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Sustainable Venture Development

Our Support for Venture Capital

Within the startup industry, the investors play a crucial role. Their investments determine which technologies and projects get funded and which not. Dealing with this responsibility is far from easy. JET Growth can help in some cases, three of which are described here.

Startup Deal Flow

Most venture capital investors have reason to complain about the amount of pitch decks and business plans landing on their desks. The effort that goes into screening the lot is near endless, and the quality on average is mostly poor. Where JET Growth shows startups how to provide investors with the right information at the right occasion, we support venture capital investors by gaining efficiency in their deal flow. In the end you only need the right investments to apply, the others are obsolete. Although this situation is utopia, there is a lot to gain in most of the deal flow processes we have seen. To support investors, our approach mostly is a mixture of strategic focus,  marketing & sales. We help you to attract a high amount of fitting projects, and identify investable ventures quickly.

Startup Selection

Selecting startups to invest in is not an easy game. Although it's not like roulette, it's not all in the hard fact and numbers as well. So what is the balance between investing a groundbreaking technology compared to investing in a great team? We think to find the balance it needs a mixture of experience and skills within your team. Based on this we can define a process that allows your team to spend time and effort on the non-obvious topics. The time and effort you have just gained by leaning your deal flow ;) 

Startup Portfolio Support

Now that you have decided to invest in a startup, spin-off or venture, the lengthy part of your journey starts. To gain the value that leverages your return you will have to work with your investments instead of pushing them. You can do this by offering a customized program for your portfolio companies, similar to an accelerator. Another option would be to provide them with tailored support. Since your company is full of investment experts, offering startup support might not be that easy. JET Growth offers portfolio support as a service, so let's get together.