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Sustainable Venture Development

Who we are?

Our Network

JET Growth is a network of entrepreneurial experts initiated by and connected through Jasper Ettema. Jasper founded the network after several entrepreneurial ventures and involvements within the startup industry. The last years he has spent on designing and operating startup support programs like accelerators and incubators. Additionally he is and has been involved in the design of venture capital solutions.  

Our Motivation

The main denominator within the network is our drive in boosting sustainable innovation through supporting startups. Hopefully, with the right support, some of these great startup ideas will change our lives and save our planet.

Need to know more? 

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What we do?

Growth trough Strategic Focus

Founders of startups are great in making decisions fast. As their venture grows, decision making tends to get much harder. The amount, diversity and impact of decisive topics seems to grow exponentially. Have you aver asked why corporates are better in dealing with high impact decisions? 

The best way to deal with a huge amount of ground breaking topics is through developing a strategic focus, designing a set of measures, and implementing those measures with great discipline. This will provide guidance to your decision making process, make it planable, controllable and accountable. Sounds easy? It is very hard indeed! Many startups fail to grow due to wrong or lack of strategic focus. Don't worry, we can help defining your focus, planning measures accordingly and solve a lot of other issues along the way. 

Support for Startups

Growth by Improving Quality

More and more accelerators and incubators evolve in our ecosystem. Basically, that's a good development. However most of them are trying to reinvent the wheel. A lot of programs are facing severe troubles after their first batches, or even deliver poor support to their startups. So the question is, how can accelerators and incubators deliver a high level program with good support and great outcomes consistently and consequently?

Three issues are key for success. First of all, delivering quality needs a combination of fundamental processes and the willingness & ability to constantly improve. Secondly, involving stakeholders into these processes is crucial. And last but not least, the team involved in supporting startups needs entrepreneurial skills and experience themselves. Otherwise the entire program is perceived non-credible. Got curious?

Support for Accelerators & Incubators

Growth through Innovation

In many occasions corporates are thought of as being slow. Some of them are facing the consequences of dealing with digital transformation, and get so tied up in change management that they miss out on their industry's developments. Fancy new startups interfere with their industries offering apparently semi-professional solutions. So where did that come from? And will it pass?

The best way to approach innovation & startups is to combine forces. The pace startups have in innovating is just phenomenal, so why not benefit from their strength. Use their fast paced learning curves to renew dynamics in your established corporate behavior. Just mind the cultural clash. Collaborating with startups is not that easy. Worlds collide, which means the best way is by either engaging in a preset program like an accelerator, set up your own accelerator, or have your startups engagement guided by professionals who know both worlds. Need our advice?

Support for Corporates

Growth through Efficiency

No matter if corporate or investor, venture capital is an outlier business. It's similar to searching for gold: trying to find this one nugget in a huge pile of dirt. The effort to spend on dealing with the huge amount of applications, funding requests or deal flow is just crazy. So how do you deal with this? Have cheap apprentices doing a first sort out? Or by buying an expensive software solution so the startups have to deal with filling on forms, and you don't even own their data afterwards. Really George?

One of the "secrets" for efficiency in deal flow is quality over quantity. The sooner you are able the spend your time engaging with startups with higher investability, the better. And of course, the better the support is you provide them with, the faster you'll have a high return. We can help you in setting up an efficient funnel, and provide great startup support.

Support for Venture Capital